“Toddlers friendly Food” was an interesting collaboration initiated by Batool in which 5 other bloggers and I participated. At conclusion we had 5 unique recipes to help and guide moms out there who are struggling to figure out what to cook for their toddlers. From gooey grilled cheese sandwich by Qashang to the delicious banana biscuits by Batool and from scrumptious kebabs by Nimrah to delicious fajita pasta by Rabia and wheat daliya (Porridge/ Bulgur) – a healthy substitute for roti by me, a variety of options were presented. 

Making toddlers eat food can be extremely challenging. Every child has their own eating preferences and choices from a very young age. Some might not bother at all and eat anything while some might even resist eating fries. There can be nothing more satisfying to see than a child who has eaten her food properly. I would also like to say that a mother should never be judged because the child is not eating properly. There can be a number of reasons why a child does not feel like eating.

“Dealing with picky-eater children is not easy and sometimes you have to stick to what they like.”

Practice of comparing children based on their eating habits and resulting physique because of eating patterns should be discouraged. This hurts the mother and directly or indirectly affects the child’s confidence and self-respect the consequences of which will only become visible once the child grows up.

One of my dear friends once said to me, “Choose your battles with the kids wisely”. Feeding the kids is important but give them food when they are hungry. If they don’t feel like eating, give them time and once they are hungry, they will come and give you signals that they want food. Avoid snacks, candies or juice before the meal time as it kills their appetite. And like I said, every child is different in their own beautiful way so help them achieve discipline in their eating habits instead of fighting over their choices.