The Humble Egg is an excellent source of nutrition for everyone in the family. Definitely one of the most versatile ingredients in our pantry used in Khagina, anday ka halwa, nargasi koftay, and custards. Yes! Everything in the world can be made into a souffle with eggs.

Two days back I was given a run time challenge by dear friend Ghazal (@herdaintydays ). She asked me to name the dishes/recipes that I can make from egg apart from omelette, cake and fried rice. An extremely spontaneous and fun activity that we did on stories that day. It made me a little nostalgic too.

My best friends Ayesha’s (@ayeshasiddiqua) grandmother was an amazing soul. May her soul rest in peace. She was an extremely intellectual and inspiring lady. I have learnt so much from her. Once she played this game with me. Ayesha had played it earlier and she didn’t tell me the answers. This was about 15 years ago.
One of the questions she asked me was what are the three things you will always make sure that you have in your kitchen? 🙂 .

I was confused. Dadijan, kept refining her question to make it easy for me. Three things, apart from the basic’s condiments of spice pantry, that can help you cook anything at anytime. I answered, Aloo, Payaz and Tamatar. Pyaz was one of the correct answers. Later she explained and obviously by this time Ayesha jumped in too

Three things you must have in your kitchen are Eggs, Onions and Flour (Chickpea or regular). There is a long list of recipes that can be made if you have these three ingredients at home. .

Years later, I still cherish that conversation with her – definitely one of the best and most precious lessons I learnt about cooking. .

Here is my list of recipes/ dishes that can be made with an Egg:
Breakfast: Omelette, fried eggs, boiled eggs, baked omelettes, Poached eggs, scrambled eggs, frittatas, Khagina, muffins, egg benedicts, pancakes, waffles, crepes, shakshouka, hash-browns
Snacks: Kebabs, marinade for Chinese recipes, Anda shami burger, pasta, noodles, doughs, pizza dough, quiche, tarts, pie pastry, fritters, club sandwiches, sandwiches, egg and bread crumbs, Scottish eggs, cauliflower crust pizza base.
Desserts: Anday ka Halwa, cakes, cheese-cakes, pavalovas, crème brulee, custards, pastry cream, gulab jamans, ras malaie, puddings, icecreams, souflee
Dinner / Lunch: Salads, egg drop soups, ramen, soups, nargasi koftay, cutlets, aloo anday ka shorba, anda aloo ke bhujiya, anda in karaley in bhujiya

If I missed anything, let me know what else you can create with an egg ?