My guest on the 2nd Episode of Midnight Breakfast Talkies was Irma from (@myuniversalkitchen). It was a treat meeting her for the first time. We got to know about her food, blogging journey and some exciting rapid fire answers from her topped it off pretty nicely. It was worthy of Koffee with Karan gift hamper. In the second segment of the session, we both shared our recipes for late night munching and snacking. She shared a quick and delicious recipe for a club sandwich, and I shared the recipe for a Spanish Omelette.

Spanish Omelette is traditionally known as tortilla Espanola in Spain – they don’t prefer calling this an omelette. I wonder why? For rest of the world though, this famous potato dish is a Spanish Omelette.

The omelette has three main ingredients. It is a combination of hearty goodness from crunchy potatoes, sweetness from onions and obviously the eggs. The classic rustic style omelette with these staples and flavored with salt. But I have tired making it with tomatoes and green onion, green chilies. Added ingredients lend even more flavor to it.

Preparation time: 15m
Cooking time: 15m
Serving: 2 persons


  • Eggs – 3
  • Potato – 1 thinly sliced
  • Onion – 1 thinly sliced
  • Oil – 1/4 cup
  • Salt and pepper


  1. In a hot pan, add a good amount of olive oil, sauté the onions unless caramelized. Classic version of the recipe calls for 3 mm sliced potatoes but instead I have grated my potatoes.
  2. Cook them on medium high flame unless potatoes are crispy and caramelized well.
  3. Remove from the oil and add into the eggs. Season with salt and mix them together.
  4. Let the potatoes and onions soak in the egg mixture for 5 – 10 mins before cooking it. Cover it with a plate and let it rest.
  5. Now take a pan, heat oil and add the egg mix.
  6. Let it cook unless the sides and bottom is cooked.
  7. Cook for 1 min on high flame and 2 mins on low flame.
  8. Once done, flip side with the help of a plate. Again, cook on high flame for 1 min and 2 – 3 mins on low flame. Spanish Omelette is ready.