#COOKINGSPINOFFWITHAFSHEEN is an excellent collaboration effort by @afsheenowais, in which she invites someone to cook her recipe and she cooks one of theirs. I have been following the series since last 12 weeks and found it very motivating and interesting. A nice way to learn how others are cooking and prepping their meals every day. There is always something good to see and learn.

I was lucky enough to be part of the series yesterday. It was the 12th episode in which I made “Qeema Shimla Mirch” which is a complete hearty and comfort food, following @afsheen‘s recipe. Shimla mirch (Capsicum) is an extremely versatile vegetable which goes well with any meat dish.

The combination of cooking qeema with any vegetables (potatoes, peas, capsicums, onions) is extremely delicious. It is definitely a regular meal at my home and it takes 20 – 30 mins to make.

I selected this recipe since it is my family favorite and secondly, I find her cooking style very similar to mine; she explains very well with all hacks and technique. It is encouraging and inspiring for any newbee. Special accolades to her for all the efforts.

Qeema (Minced meat) – is a classic Pakistani dish that is every family’s favorite. Whenever my Ammi used to ask my brother what she should make today, the answer would always be Qeema. .

Qeema recipes always come handy during the busy school and work routines specially for working ladies. It has been an integral part of every home and cuisine from every day aloo qeema to the fancy stuffed bell peppers or pasta; mouthwatering keemay walay parathay to melt-in-mouth kebabs or koftas; to crispy samosas to the cheesy lasagana. Always a treat!!

Keema is an urdu word, derived from Persian word Qeymeh. Fun fact! Oxford dictionary recognizes the urdu word “Keema”. It was added in the dictionary in recent years.

After I made my post and story I was like oh it was keema not Qeema.
Recipe on IGTV, embedded below.