Red Velvet Cake

The very first blog I wrote four years ago for Chefling tales was a delicious red velvet cake. Back then it was my youngest sisters’ birthday and today is my daughter’s birthday. My experience in the last four years has been profound. I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone which has improved my skillset,... Continue Reading →

Corn Fritters

Meeting fellow bloggers on Instagram is helping us all grow into a very closely knit community where every one has something to give back with a more open and candid perspective about anything and everything.Corn fritters are a perfect snack that I made in my live cooking session - Midnight Breakfast Talkies. This week's guest... Continue Reading →

Fluffy Pancakes – Weekend Treat

Do you like having something different for breakfast or are you a bread (or paratha) and eggs person? I can see many nods and some silent smiles not in the favor of something different. After all, no one like to skip on anda paratha. Breakfast is a really important meal for me. An absolutely necessary morning cup... Continue Reading →

Toddlers and eating habits

“Toddlers friendly Food” was an interesting collaboration initiated by Batool in which 5 other bloggers and I participated. At conclusion we had 5 unique recipes to help and guide moms out there who are struggling to figure out what to cook for their toddlers. From gooey grilled cheese sandwich by Qashang to the delicious banana biscuits by... Continue Reading →

Midnight Breakfast Talkies

Join me at @potsncurries on Instagram for a live cooking collaboration with our amazing fellow bloggers. We always want to know more about the people who inspire us and motivates us. Often times these people become our role models. For me Instagram is one of those places where there is a concentration of inspiring individuals... Continue Reading →

Chicken Manchurian

Sizzling sound of the hot plate that is used to serve Manchurian never ever fails to create an atmosphere of excitement and joy. I recall, we would wait eagerly while at a restaurant for manchurian to be served, just for the sizzling sound and how steamy it was. My childhood’s ultimate favorite dish Manchurian served... Continue Reading →

Bihari Kebabs

This week I participated in a four-day story hop collaboration – on SUMMER BBQ Recipes – with four amazing food bloggers. From planning the session to deciding the recipe; from marinating & cooking  to finding the right light for  a perfect picture; from endless bloopers while posting the stories to the exciting fireworks both on... Continue Reading →

Spanish Omellete

My guest on the 2nd Episode of Midnight Breakfast Talkies was Irma from (@myuniversalkitchen). It was a treat meeting her for the first time. We got to know about her food, blogging journey and some exciting rapid fire answers from her topped it off pretty nicely. It was worthy of Koffee with Karan gift hamper.... Continue Reading →

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