As far as I can remember, I was never fond of eating keralay. Today, not only I like eating them I am sharing with you a recipe of how to make them πŸ™‚. Time teaches us all. I started developing a taste after my marriage and learnt to make them from my mother-in-law. Thank-you Ami πŸ™‚ Someone once said, if you are eating a vegetable the taste of that vegetable should overwhelm any other taste in that dish. Flavour enhancers should not become flavour influencers. The saying has touched my heart and I try to stick to this principle every time I cook. Don’t over power the taste of the vegetable that you are cooking with other ingredients, just compliment it with them. It will taste great.

I have prepared Keralay with Qeema. The bitter taste of keralay can be minimized using the techniques shown in the video. After all, what is the fun in eating keralay if they don’t taste slightly bitter rather I would use the term – strong in taste yet completely delicious.

Serve with buttered rotiyan / phulkay and enjoy a complete meal.

Recipe and method available on Pots ‘n Curries YouTube Channel.