Daal Makhani

After Eid festivities and meaty dawats, we all crave for simple food. A bowl of boiled rice with warmdaaltopped with a tempering tarkais my comfort food and I am sure many out there share the same craving after Eid.  No matter how much I love and enjoy Biryani, Chinese or burgers, in the end I always crave for... Continue Reading →

Mutton Chops Karahi

Karahi is classic Pakistani dish is made and served in a karahi and that is how it gets the name. Simply cooked on high fame in tomatoes and traditional spices yielding a spiced curry that is full of flavors. Garnished with julianne cut ginger and finely chopped fresh coriander leaves gives it a rich aroma... Continue Reading →

Qeema Shimla Mirch

#COOKINGSPINOFFWITHAFSHEEN is an excellent collaboration effort by @afsheenowais, in which she invites someone to cook her recipe and she cooks one of theirs. I have been following the series since last 12 weeks and found it very motivating and interesting. A nice way to learn how others are cooking and prepping their meals every day. There is... Continue Reading →

Arvi Curry | Shorba style Arvi

English name: Colocosia root or Tora Root A feedback comment on my story on “Arvi Curry” by @antsynile , encouraged me to explore further this oldest cultivated vegetable from Pakistan/India. I didn’t know that the leaves of this root vegetable are also edible and extremely popular, especially in Gujarat, India. There, Arvi leaves are used to make a... Continue Reading →

Makhmalie Koftay

Makhmalie Koftay are an extremely delicate, melt-in-the-mouth kind of delicacy. One needs to understand the combination of flavors and technique to achieve the right texture. Made with minced beef, and then cooked on dam in a hearty tomatoes curry, these are easily one of my favorite dish.Interestingly, you will find a variation of Kofta or... Continue Reading →

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