Roasted Mutton Ribs

The most challenging thing in life of an expat is celebrating festive occasions, like Eid, away from family and friends. Most Muslims have to work on the day of Eidas well and students have to take classes. It is just another day for the people around you therefore creating an atmosphere of Eidis important. This is mostly done... Continue Reading →

Kuna Gosht

It’s time to enjoy the festive celebrations of Eid with the exotic biryanis and kebabs, fresh meat and chicken curries. Eid is a time of the year which brings families and friends together, leaving all grievances behind to celebrate the day of blessings with happiness. My favorite dish for any festivity or celebration is undoubtedly Kuna Ghost.  ... Continue Reading →

Borani Banjan

Borani Banjan is an Afghani Eggplant dish – extremely versatile dish and perfect for summers. The combination of rustic eggplants with tomatoes is like a match made in heaven and garlic- flavored yogurt topping is like a cherry on top.  Eggplant is one of those versatile vegetables which is readily available around the world.  When... Continue Reading →

Bihari Kebabs

This week I participated in a four-day story hop collaboration – on SUMMER BBQ Recipes – with four amazing food bloggers. From planning the session to deciding the recipe; from marinating & cooking  to finding the right light for  a perfect picture; from endless bloopers while posting the stories to the exciting fireworks both on... Continue Reading →

The Humble Egg

The Humble Egg is an excellent source of nutrition for everyone in the family. Definitely one of the most versatile ingredients in our pantry used in Khagina, anday ka halwa, nargasi koftay, and custards. Yes! Everything in the world can be made into a souffle with eggs.Two days back I was given a run time... Continue Reading →

Mango Salad

It is definitely one of the most irresistible salad or salsa —extremely simple to make and exceptionally delicious. A colorful bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables makes perfect combination of sweet, tangy and spicy flavors all in one bowl.I served it with bar-b-que chicken tikka and chops and nothing more was needed on the plate.... Continue Reading →

Bar B Que Mutton Chops

In the US, people like to have BBQ parties all the time. In Pakistan as well, special arrangements are made to cook BBQ for Eid. This is a commonality that we as citizens of earth share 🙂 Specially in summers, bbq equipment and tools are sold on special promotions and deals.Keeping the tradition alive, we... Continue Reading →

Daal Makhani

After Eid festivities and meaty dawats, we all crave for simple food. A bowl of boiled rice with warmdaaltopped with a tempering tarkais my comfort food and I am sure many out there share the same craving after Eid.  No matter how much I love and enjoy Biryani, Chinese or burgers, in the end I always crave for... Continue Reading →

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