English name: Colocosia root or Tora Root

A feedback comment on my story on “Arvi Curry” by @antsynile , encouraged me to explore further this oldest cultivated vegetable from Pakistan/India. I didn’t know that the leaves of this root vegetable are also edible and extremely popular, especially in Gujarat, India. There, Arvi leaves are used to make a very famous and nutritious dish called Patra. This dish is made by spreading a smooth paste of besan (chickpea flour) on the Arvi leaves which are then rolled and steamed, cut into the shape of pinwheels and served as a snack with tea & chutneys. Sounds really very interesting!

It is one of the things that I never tried or heard of back in Pakistan. One of the perks of being socially active on social media is that the learning process never ends. Have you ever tried it or heard about it Arvi leaves? I am definitely going to try these.

Arvi, besides being rich in starch, is an excellent source of calcium and iron. It has numerous healing properties that are useful to cure diseases related to bones. Another good reason to eat Arvi.

Coming back to what we know and have been eating all our lives or have been tricked into eating in the name of potatoes. Oh yes! each time my mother would make Arvi ghost,she would refer to it as Alooghost knowing very well that Aloo’s are every kids favorite. However, me being the most problematic child would always make faces and ask what happened to the face of aloo.:) I don’t remember eating it ever. I started eating and making it after I got married because it was my husband and mother in law’s favorite vegetable. I am super glad my kids love to eat it. 

Can you relate to Arvi being called aloo from your childhood? 

A simple yet delicious curry based Arvi.

Stepwise prepping of Arvi and recipe is posted in the highlights of my IG profile.