Hi! I’m Fatima Ali (Fatima Tauqir). I’ve been writing about Pakistani cuisine for the last six years, and building Pots ‘n Curries for the last two. My favorite part of being a food blogger is the amazing community, and the friendships I’ve forged online. I’m glad that you are here and hope you enjoy the tradiational Pakistani recipes that i share. I welcome you all – my new and old friends – on my blog.

Why do I write about Pakistani food?

Through Pots n’ Curries, my aim is to promote traditional Pakistani flavors and cooking techniques beyond borders. I write to understand and explore the evolution of Pakistani food. I want to preserve the recipes of our elders – something that is lost over the years.

In my writings you will read about origins of our dishes, why they are named the way they are, and how we inherited different tastes and cooking techniques from Mughals, Mongols, Arabs and Turks.

Our food is a true depiction of Pakistani culture and traditions. We have diverse palates. From the royal Mughali delicacies to the spicy and tangy hyderabadi dastarkhawans, from scrumptious kebabs and grills to dum pukhats, our taste buds can handle it all. I believe our nation is divided between pualo and biryani and Karahi is arguably the ambassador dish of Pakistan.

A little more about me ..

I was born in Lahore, and being an Army brat, I spent my childhood all over Pakistan. Lahore is my hometown, but Ami Abu decided to settle in Rawalpindi. I have spent almost half of my life in Pindi.
I have done my Bachelors in IT from NUST and later served there for seven years. I worked in Administration as a Student Affair Officer and I have so many stories to share about what I worked on and how various projects transpired. I’ll leave that for another day. I feel NUST SEECS is like a home to me.

Ali and I got married seven years ago yet it seems like I have known him for ever. He is a man of principle and of his words. All my family and friends are always on his side 🙂 Ali is in a teaching Profession and with career opportunities we moved from Pakistan to Jeddah and then to the US. Currently we live in Fredonia. We are blessed with two amazingly energetic toddlers Mohib and Zoyaa.

I am a very sensitive and emotional person. I will cry with big tears watching movies and even TV commercials. I love window & grocery shopping. I am fond of collecting cook books and crockery.

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