Cooking Beyond Borders – Episode 1

22ndJuly – 26thJuly 

The first episode of this exciting food journey was spread over four-days. 7 aspiring fellow bloggers from different parts of the world joined me in this 4-days food journey. Here is the summary of 8 classic dishes from 8 countries. Check their websites and Instagram blog posts for the complete recipes. 

Shazia (@cookingwithshazia) made Szechuan Stir Fry. The Flavors of Szechuan come from Sichuan Province in China. This style of Chinese cuisine has spicy bold flavors. Extremely delicious and flavorful dish loaded with chicken, fresh veggies and tasty sauce made with hoisin sauce, chili paste, rice vinegar, sugar and Szechuan peppercorn chili oil. 
Schnitzel is German for cutlet. A classic German dish, Schnitzel is a thin piece of meat that is breaded and deep fried until crispy. Qashang (@chilitochoc) made this beautiful Chicken Schnitzel with rich, creamy mushroom sauce, giving a twist to the classic. Originally the dish is made of fried chicken, topped with lemon juice and served with salad on the side.
Henna (@chaiandchurro) made CHURROs. Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, this fried pastry dough ( choux pastry) rolled in cinnamon sugar makes the best snacks and dessert. This is a traditional dessert in Spain and Portugal. 
If you go London and don’t have the famous Fish and Chips. Cannot happen!!! Fish and chips are a delight. Naba (@aalobukharakechutney) took us on a ride to try the Crispy fried fish fillets served with tartar sauce and thick cut potato wedges. 
I, Fatima (@potsncurries), made Borek – a Turkish savory pastry. It is made from phyllo pastry – a flaky and crispy spiral pastry with a delicious meat, vegetable or cheese filling, makes it hard to resist.
Nina (@ninasplatter) is living in New Zealand and she shared this famous Irish dish Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd Pie is a simple meat pie with a crunchy topping of mashed potatoes. This is definitely a childhood favorite.
Fatima (@the.gliter.grater) from South Africa introduced this classic South African dish to our culinary repertoire. Bunny Chow is a famous street food originated by Indian South African community of Durban. It consists of a hollowed-out loaf of white bread (which serves as the bowl) filled with a tasty curry and topped with onion and carrot salad. Fatima made it with chicken and butter bean curry and an added twist.
Zubda (@kitchen_diaries_by_zubda) made Mexican Beef Tacos. Zubda taught us how the word taco comes from the word “Tlahco” which means “half or in the middle”, hence the taco shells are filled in the middle. The famous and classic yellow hard shells are made with corn and filled with endless filling options. Definitely a treat to eat.

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