Cooking Beyond Borders

Almost a decade ago, I travelled outside of Pakistan for the first-time. I was working at a Pakistani university and visited USA for a job shadow program. What I learnt from my visit was the importance of diversity. When you work in a multi-cultural environment, the best thing you learn and adapt to is appreciation for other cultures. For me, food is the best way to connect with a new culture. Since then I have been exploring different cultures by watching food documentaries, reading and writing blogs, cooking their authentic recipes and lately through connections that I am able to make on Instagram.

Last year, I started “Pots ‘n Curries” with an aim to promote traditional flavors of Pakistani cuisine and explore new cooking techniques and recipes beyond borders.  “Cooking beyond Borders” is a series that was meant to happen since the day I started Pots ‘n Curries, as it is part of the blog’s identity. I was not sure how I will execute it and work on it at that time. In the span of last ten month, this amazing blogging and Instagram community has helped me streamline my ideas and thoughts. Cooking beyond borders would be a series in which I will collaborate with my fellow bloggers. Together we will embark on journey across the world and prepare recipes from different countries showcasing their rich culture and traditions. It will be a permanent monthly feature on the blog. It is a small effort to bring multi-cultural flavors and textures on your dining table.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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