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I am Fatima Ali, mother of two amazingly energetic toddlers ( Mohib and Zoyaa) and a foodie. My favorite thing in life is my birthday. Yes, my birthday!!! The countdown begins a month before and even three decades down the lane I cherish it as the most important day for me ❤I love making flower... Continue Reading →

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Beef Nihari

Traditions we kept alive. Nihari is one of the most majestic dishes that defines the Pakistani cuisine today however, you can find its roots in the time of nawabs of Lucknow or streets of Delhi.  I am still doing my research on who has a real claim on the Nihari as we know it today.... Continue Reading →

Biscoff Cheesecake Browny

Has everyone started to get over the Lotus craze? Well, I am just getting started. Lotus Biscoff biscuits and cookie spread has been really in stardom for a few years but somehow, I just got hold of them and finally made my first dessert with them. I must admit that all the hype around these... Continue Reading →

Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

Is Chicken Tikkah Curry from India or Pakistan? Neither actually! This amazing curry, arguably, originated in Britain and was introduced by a British Indian living there since long. It was invented with an intention to create a curry by combining traditional South Asian spices with modern English cuisine to better suite British taste palates i.e.,... Continue Reading →

Malaysian Chicken Satay

Who was the first one to make Satays? The Thai or the Indonesians or the Malaysians? Although, its exact origins are unclear, it is most commonly believed that in the early 19thcentury, Muslim traders from Arab and Middle Eastern world, when moved to Java, Indonesia they brought with them the rich traditions of ‘kebabs’ and... Continue Reading →

Cooking Beyond Borders – Episode 1

22ndJuly – 26thJuly  The first episode of this exciting food journey was spread over four-days. 7 aspiring fellow bloggers from different parts of the world joined me in this 4-days food journey. Here is the summary of 8 classic dishes from 8 countries. Check their websites and Instagram blog posts for the complete recipes.  Shazia... Continue Reading →

Cooking Beyond Borders

Almost a decade ago, I travelled outside of Pakistan for the first-time. I was working at a Pakistani university and visited USA for a job shadow program. What I learnt from my visit was the importance of diversity. When you work in a multi-cultural environment, the best thing you learn and adapt to is appreciation for... Continue Reading →

Cooking Beyond Borders – Episode 2

27thAug – 30thAug The second episode of “Cooking Beyond Borders” was spread over four-days in which 7 aspiring fellow bloggers from different parts of the world joined me in a journey where East meets West. We all explored and recreated some authentic and delicious Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes. Here is a brief overview... Continue Reading →

Roasted Mutton Ribs

The most challenging thing in life of an expat is celebrating festive occasions, like Eid, away from family and friends. Most Muslims have to work on the day of Eidas well and students have to take classes. It is just another day for the people around you therefore creating an atmosphere of Eidis important. This is mostly done... Continue Reading →

Kuna Gosht

It’s time to enjoy the festive celebrations of Eid with the exotic biryanis and kebabs, fresh meat and chicken curries. Eid is a time of the year which brings families and friends together, leaving all grievances behind to celebrate the day of blessings with happiness. My favorite dish for any festivity or celebration is undoubtedly Kuna Ghost.  ... Continue Reading →

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